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Hi! My name's Rockwell McGellin.

Rocky is fine for short, and I'm @rockym93 most places on the internet.

Science for non-expert audiences is my thing. I wrote my masters thesis on it, I work at my local planetarium and I write a bit on the side.

In my spare time I like to blog and code.

Latest Post

People aren't dumb.: *A science writing manifesto.*

The Highlights Reel

If you're not sure where to start, try one of these.

Viking RaidViking Raid
Three countries. Three weeks. Three Vikings. One Raid.
Master's ThesisMaster's Thesis
Should space writers name their space plants?
Refraction Media Internship, March 2017Refraction Media Internship, March 2017
What I did during my month in Sydney.
Brain TrainingBrain Training
I taught a neural network to write like me.

Me, but not here

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