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Hi! I'm Rockwell.

Rocky is fine for short, and I'm @rockym93 most places on the internet.

I talk and write about science for people who aren't experts. I wrote my masters thesis on it, in fact. I currently work at my local planetarium and my local university, and I write a bit on the side.

In my spare time I like to blog and code.

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Artefacts of light: For Christmas last year, Grace got me this gorgeous beast:

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If you're not sure where to start, try one of these.

Space Fighter: Why we cared about Cassini.Space Fighter: Why we cared about Cassini.
Why do spacecraft make us sad?
People aren't dumb.People aren't dumb.
A science writing manifesto.
Brain TrainingBrain Training
I taught a neural network to write like me.
Talking to MarsTalking to Mars
What's the internet like on Mars?

Me, but not here

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