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Refraction Media Internship - March 2017

In March 2017 I spent a month at Refraction Media in Sydney, thanks to the generosity of the Elizabeth Ann Nicholls Travel Award. I've collected links to everything I did while I was there, although some things are still waiting on print publication before they appear online - I'll update this page as they come out.

Students dive headfirst into robotics

Online article - Careers with STEM
I interviewed some seriously smart kids at a robotics competition about how and why they built their robots.

Amazing ideas for apps from tech girls

Online article - Careers with STEM
I had some fun making mockups of totally hypothetical apps dreamed up by some girls at a women in tech event.

Navigating GPS's Future

Print article - KnowHow Magazine
Coverage of a new project by CRCSI and Geoscience Australia, which by using survey points to correct GPS signals will significantly improve positioning accuracy.

Which number are you?

Online quiz - Careers with STEM
Firmly in the 'just for fun' department, this was the result of me being given some creative freedom in response to "We need a maths quiz."

Profile pieces

Writeups of individual researchers or entrepreneurs and the cool stuff they do:

Amy Vasallo

Floriana Salvemini (ghostwritten)

Rainer Kurz (ghostwritten)

On top of these glorious published articles, there was also a lot of gritty behind-the-scenes work. I did some editing and SEO, put together a bunch of background research, and pitched in with ideas at production meetings.

If you'd like to read more about what I learned, you can also read a reflection I wrote for Refraction on my time there. They're a pretty excellent little company, and if you have even the slightest interest in science writing or publishing I cannot recommend their internship program highly enough.