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T-shirt designs

The first shirt I ever bought off the internet, and still my favourite, was thanks to these designs that I found for free on the internet. Since then I've made a couple of designs of my own to wear upon my torso, and I thought I'd return that guy's favour to the internet at large by putting them up for other people to use.

Feel free to have these printed wherever. I'd appreciate it if you didn't sell them though. Also, most all of them are references to stuff and might be copyrighted, so selling them may not be strictly speaking legal. I don't know. Copyright is hard.

It's funny, because Mimas really is a moon.
Image · GIMP file

Sierpinski Triforce / Sier-Link-ski Triangle / Linkfinite complexity / [insert fractal triforce pun here]
Image · Inkscape file

Lyrics from Hank Green's Strange Charm.
Image · Inkscape file (contains a bunch of other versions too)

The new Hitchhiker logo, and the words Don't Panic. I put one on the front and one on the back.
Image (logo) · Image (words) · Inkscape file

It is surprisingly difficult to find a plain space invader shirt online. So I made one.
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