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Rules for Savage Worlds.

So here are the rules for using Savage Worlds.

Firstly, everything in the core rulebook is fine, with a couple of exceptions with respect to character creation. These are



"Born to run, live to ride": Goblins are amazingly nimble by nature, but circumstance has made them masters of horse. They gain a free d6 in Agility, and a free d6 in Riding as well.

"What do your Goblin eyes see?": Goblins have exceptional eyesight, especially at distance. They get +2 to notice rolls to spot things.

"Huh? What's that say?": Goblin culture is based entirely on oral tradition, and has never needed to develop writing. Goblins cannot read or write, in any language.


Wings: Talonfolk can Fly their Pace every round. It costs 2" of pace to gain 1" of Height. For the purposes of Aeiral chases, their Climb score is 0.

Magic in the Blood: Due to their inherently magical origin, Talonfolk can feel when magic is near by a tingling in their back teeth. When they get a raise on a Notice roll, they can also tell if there are any magical effects in the vicinity.

Feathers on the Brain: Shiny things are distracting! This is a bit embarrassing in the jewelery section of the bazzaar, but downright dangerous in combat. Talonfolk take a -2 penalty on Tests of Wills, Tricks, and Arcane Attacks that specifically involve a shiny object.


Machine Race: Assembled are mechanical beings, powered by magic. Assembled gain all the benefits of Construct, as listed in the rulebook.

Built for War: Since they were built as an army, all Assembled have combat programming. They start with a free d6 in Fighting or Shooting, depending on whether they are scout-pattern or combat-pattern.

Out of their Element: Assembled are ancient, built for a war that ended aeons ago living in a time of relative peace. As such, they tend to have trouble relating to others. Their charisma starts at -2.


Arcane Background: Blood magic

15 Power Points, 2 Powers.
Blood mages have either inherited a pool of magic or somehow acquired it through random chance.

Imperfect Conduit: A blood mage's power points don't represent the amount of magic they have - that's not really limited. Instead they represent the mage's endurance for channeling, and gaining more represents them 'decreasing their resistance' as it were. When a Blood Mage's PP reaches 0, they become fatigued.

Arcane Background: Lantern Magic

10 Power Points, 3 Powers.
Lantern mages draw their power from physical energy sources, such as their powerful alchemical lanterns.

Tools of the Trade: Lantern mages cannot cast without a very powerful energy source. If they don't have access to their Lantern (or something similarly powerful), they can't cast. Additionally, while the lantern can re-oxidise itself (conveniently, at the rate of 1pp worth per hour), it still needs reagents, usually in the form of metal filings of some kind. If a Lantern mage is deprived of their reagents, they cannot regain power points.

Goblin Outrider

Requires d8 in riding, d8 in fighting, being a goblin.
Outriders are Goblinkind's finest scouts and most seasoned raiders. They can use the higher of ther Fighting and Riding scores, instead of the lower, when attacking on horseback.

"Back home we used to call these-" *BANG!*

Requires d8 in shooting, being a talonfolk
Your people invented gunpowder, and you grew up with the things. It only takes you one action to reload a gun instead of two.

"Living up to the name"

Requires being a talonfolk
Where most talonfolk resent their claw-like hands for being clumsy, some make use of them and sharpen them into true talons. You can use them at d6+STR, and never count as an Unarmed Defender.


Indebted to the Cascade