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3D models

These are mostly generated for the 3D printers at work, and are formatted and tweaked as such. These are generally also available on my page on Thingiverse, though it varies.

Baby Tooth

A bit creepy: we have a 3D scanner, and I scanned one of my extracted baby teeth to a 3D model. And then printed it. If you'd like to participate in the next level of creepy, you can download and print one of my baby teeth as well.

.thing file

D&D miniatures

The entire party. Image Credit: Haydn Neaves

A set of minis. Based off a pretty simple pawn shape. Sized to fit on a one-inch grid. Easy to customise with the addition of more geometric shapes.

Basic pawn: .STL / .OBJ

Bard: .STL / .OBJ

Cleric: .STL / .OBJ

Samurai: .STL / .OBJ

Wizard: .STL / .OBJ

Monk: .STL / .OBJ

Druid: .STL / .OBJ