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Looking back on 2016

29 December 201602:33AMlife

Get it? Looking back? Because selfie cameras... look... back?

Here are some things you will see in my selfies for this year.

You will see me testing a new phone - underwater.


You will see me taking my gloriously generic pseudonymous profile picture at the end of Busselton Jetty.


And you will see me drinking quite a lot of progressively more interesting beer.


You will see me making fun of my new work uniform, and making fun of myself in Ikea.

uniform ikea

You'll see us going to watch our teams play, and to going King's Park on Valentines' day, and going out in the rain on a whim.

football valentines rain

You'll see me in Seabird, Serpentine, Bindoon, Prevelly, Lancelin and on Rottnest.

seabird serpentine bindoon prevelly lancelin rottnest

You might even occasionally see me taking an exceptionally poorly invigilated exam.


Here are some things that you won't see.

You won't see increasingly divisive politics take hold all around the world. You won't see innocent people locked up or brutally murdered. You won't see artists and scientists dropping like flies.

You won't see a thousand other terrible things, because we don't take selfies when we're sad. Call it optimism, call it selection bias, call it whatever you want. That's all I've got.

Here's to finding the bright parts of 2017.

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